3 Day Water Fast – Day 2 – Pantry Death Stare

After an eventfully, awkward waiting room experience yesterday, it’s hard to think that I would have a similar experience today, considering that in these times I am rarely in contact with anymore than a few people per day during my work day.

In general, it was a pretty uneventful day in the life of a bin truck driver. Work has been slowly getting less and less because of the pandemic, so I have found myself trying to slow down a bit with my work to stretch it out for 8 hrs to get a full day.

Whilst it may seem like a good thing to just dawdle along about my day, enjoying the sunshine and singing songs with the birds, in reality, it just seems to make the day drag on too much.


Also, prior to the pandemic, I would quite often be held up in traffic in peak times, which I would hate, but now everything is straight through without stopping. It’s pretty awesome zipping through the city in what would usually be a traffic jam, but not that handy when I am trying to stretch my work day out!

Groggy Wake Up

This morning I woke up feeling pretty groggy and lethergic. My head was pretty fuzzy and it felt as though carpet had been rolled onto my tongue. I wasn’t too keen to get up for work, but I dragged my sorry ass out of bed.

The worst day of a fast, in my experience, is always Day 2. It’s when you start getting some heavier symptoms of Keto Flu, headaches, tiredness, foggy head etc. The energy shift from glucose to ketones is a big adjustment and can knock you around a bit.headache

Fasting is the quickest way to get into ketosis but it can also be quite hard for a couple of days. To slow the process down and make it a bit easier, a juice fast is always an option, which I did earlier this year. I had thought about switching to a Keto diet without the fasting, but I like the effectiveness of fasting to get into ketosis much quicker than just changing diet.

The Evil Pantry

It’s only been a couple of days into this fast and I am already walking past the pantry catching the glance of the chips and chocolate, (which have been accustomed to my company in the last few weeks) and giving them the evil eye like it’s their fault they have been going into my mouth lately and they can tell that I have dropped them like a bag of hot potatoes.

It’s almost as awkward being in the kitchen as it was in the pathology waiting room yesterday. Almost….

For me, fasting is the best way for me to just cut the bad foods (all foods, for that matter) out of my life, regain my focus and start again.

It’s not the foods problem I am overweight. It’s my own problem.

One More Day To Go

It’s only been 2 day of fasting, but I am already feeling much better with regard to gaining that focus back. I know I am not going to go back into eating crap food and I have been thinking about getting out and going for runs around the block again after I have finished fasting.

I haven’t been running for probably about 6 months, mainly because I was working 10-12hrs a day most days, so the energy levels weren’t too great by the end of the day.

I know that is probably an excuse, but I guess when you make the decision to stop running or going to the gym, you end up in a situation similar to when you stop eating healthy. Bad habits come back in and with regard to exercise, you lose that momentum and get lazy. Vicious cycle!

I think tomorrow should be an easier day physically and I am looking forward to eating a nice salad or something tomorrow night to break my fast.


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