7 Day Juice Fast – Day 1 – Who To Believe?

Day 1 of my 7-day juice fast and I have woken up for work at the crack of dawn…(well, that is if the crack of dawn is at 4:30am) ready for work and my weigh in to start the week, however, I seem to have a slight dilemma… there are two different sets of scales in the bathroom, a $5 set of K-Mart scales and a more expensive set of digital scales.

Surely, they should show me the same or at least be very close to each other in the measurement of weight, so I decide to test them out to see.

Now, the analogue scales are showing me about 117.5kgs (259lbs) and the digital scales are showing me between 119.5 and 121.5kg, (263.5-267.9lbs) depending on how I am standing on them.

Bathroom Scales
Ana and Didgy

I know which one of the two I want to believe, but who is telling me the truth? Ana or Didgy?? Maybe I need a 3rd set of scales to help settle the score and give me a more definitive answer, but at 4:30am, that’s not happening!

So, what I will do for now, is keep both of those weights recorded and see what the end result is…and then maybe go and find a reliable set, weigh myself and see how the others compare.

It’s Not All About Weight Loss

Considering that weight will be lost during extended fasting, and that is great, I have always maintained that fasting for weight loss is not my primary goal, because much of that weight can return pretty quickly when you begin to eat again, if you don’t eat the right things.

I use fasting as a tool to regain control of my eating habits, give my digestive system a rest and reset my body and mind to state that I can begin to make better decisions again and feel much healthier for doing, so I really don’t want to put too much emphasis on the weight loss aspect of it.

Work Juice..

I prepared my juice freshly last night, so I could easily grab it from the fridge and head of straight to work, knowing that my brain wouldn’t have the capacity to function at that time of morning, nor would the household enjoy the sound of the juicer firing up at that time.

Usually, I would start the day of with a coffee to take in the car to work, but not today, sir… however, my brain managed to remember to flick the kettle on out of habit when I got out of bed, conveniently.

The juice I prepared for the day consisted of silverbeet, carrot, watermelon, apples, pear, orange with a small amount of lemon and lime (ingredients pictured below)

Fruit Vegetables Juice

I don’t really have any particular recipes that I follow with my juices, I just try to add a variety of fruit and veg, depending on what I have at the time and chuck them in together and see what happens.

The only advice that I would give is to limit the amount of stronger flavors in your juices, unless you really like that particular fruit or veg. I once tried to use ginger in juice, due to its health benefits and thought that I had put a small amount in, but I could not drink it because ginger was all I could taste and I am not a particular fan…

The amount of fruit and veg pictured above made up around 700mls of juice for which I put 600ml into a litre bottle along with 400ml water. I’m actually quite happy with the flavor of this juice. Seems like a pretty good mix to me…

Working Hard Or Hardly Working?

Apart from the early start, my working day cruised along nicely, as I sipped away at the juice that tasted much better than it looked. It was a dark greeny, brown that looked a lot like I’d filled up my bottle out of a frog pond, but it’s not about the look, it’s about the taste health benefits! (taste is good too, though…)

It turned out to be a fairly long day in terms of hours of work (11), but it was not physically demanding. Probably the only issue that I had was finding places to pee, as this juice seemed to be going straight through me.

It is also worth nothing that due to not consuming any carbohydrates, the body begins to expel excess water in the first few days, so this could explain the peeing, but this should slow down. It is still important to keep sipping throughout the day.

The Struggle..Spaghetti

Despite the fact that I did not struggle with Day 1 through the day, the real struggle came when I got home from work to smell the spaghetti bolognese on the dinner table.

One of my favorite meals and one that I have rarely had in the last 6 months, due to being on a Keto diet. It smelt so go, and it was at the point the realism of my fast hit me and my self-control had to take over.

I have been in this situation many times before during a fast and fought that mental battle plenty of times and today is no different. It’s the end goal that I need to focus on…

Fluids Consumed Day 1

1 litre of homemade juice (diluted)

300mls – 1 cup of green tea with lime juice

600mls – water

500mls – Left over juice from tomorrow’s batch (diluted)

TOTAL: 2.1 Litres


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  1. I love your writing style especially the relation to filling your glass from a frog pond. Thanks for posting. I love reading people’s journeys. I am on day seven.

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