7 Day Juice Fast – Day 2 – The Douche

(If you are wondering what’s with the man in the featured image…well… I tried to find an image to fit the title and this is what I found…I’m sure he’s a nice fella!)

This morning I got to sleep in… about half an hour more than yesterday! So I was up around 5am ready for another day in paradise and I wake up with a nice dose of brain fog and grogginess.

This is to be expected at this stage and part of the detoxification process of fasting. I have some more detailed info about this here, but this is also the beginning of your body adjusting to not consuming carbohydrates and moving into ketosis, where the main source of energy will come from fat, where many people will begin to feel symptoms known as the “Keto Flu

Generally, whilst fasting, you will reach ketosis much sooner than if you were following a Keto diet, because you will at least consume some carbs on the diet, whereas fasting, you may will consume very little, if any at all, depending on the type of fast.

How Hard Will This Hit Me?Headache

Knowing that the first 2-3 days of a fast are usually the worst physically, I am not looking overly forward to it, but I am quite aware of the side effects and how to deal with them when the time comes.

For the most part of the day, I am feeling fine, pretty similar to yesterday, but around midday, I start to get a dull headache which ends up lasting most of the day.

It’s not overbearing enough to really bother me, just enough to let me know it’s there. I just continue to drink my water to make sure that I am sufficiently hydrated and hope that it goes away…

In fact, on previous fasts, I tend to notice that I have usually felt pretty good in the mornings, but have a lull in the middle of the day, where I’d usually try to have a rest and get my energy back up for the afternoon. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to do that, so I gots to soldier on!

As I said, it’s not so bad that it is affecting me, so I deal with it for the day.

More Fluid Consumption

One thing different from yesterday, was that I consumed about 600 mls more water throughout the day and didn’t go to the toilet half as much. I drank about 2 litres of water and diluted homemade juice and probably could have done with taking a bit more water, which I will probably do tomorrow.

The juice I made for today was similar to yesterday’s with a couple of differences. It consisted of apple, orange, pear, pineapple, silverbeet, celery, carrot, cucumber and a little bit of lemon and lime. (see below)

Juice Ingredients

I’m not sure what to call this juice, so I think I will call it The Douche. Luckily, I think The Douche tasted pretty good. Either I am a good juice maker, or I am just not a fussy one…

RIP Little Birdy

Unrelated to The Douche, I just wanted to make a special mention to the confused little bird that I may of accidentally killed today. I think the little guy hit my mirror at around 100 klms/hr.

I can’t be certain, because it didn’t seem like a clean hit, but I’m gonna think that clipping the mirror of a 20 ton truck going that fast, can not do good things to a tiny bird.

RIP Little Guy…

Blue Bird
(not actual bird)


Extra Sleep Again Tomorrow!

I’m expecting tomorrow to be similar today in how I feel, I have a slightly later start again tomorrow for work by half an hour, but geez I must say that last half hour sleep is always the best!

Hopefully, the headache won’t be there so much tomorrow, but there’s a chance that I may even have an early finish too which would be nice. By early, I mean an 8-10 hr day rather than a 12hr day.

In the past I have found that by the 3rd day, I start to feel better and more energetic. Let’s see if this is the case tomorrow.

Hopefully, I don’t murder any other animals tomorrow too…

Fluids Consumed Day 2

1 litre of homemade juice (diluted)

300mls – 1 cup of green tea with lime juice

1.2 litre – water

500mls – Left over juice from tomorrow’s batch (diluted)

TOTAL: 3 Litres



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