7 Day Juice Fast – Day 3 – A Visit From Adolf Hitler

Day 3 and I wake up feeling as though someone has been through and laid some fresh carpet on my tongue and confused about whether Australia has been invaded by the Nazi’s or not… (I’ll go into that in a minute)..

With regard to the carpeted tongue… it is pretty normal, whilst fasting, that you will wake up Tongue

feeling like your mouth and teeth have somewhat of a coating which may be white and this is a clear signal that your body is detoxing and eliminating waste. It’s a good thing, even though it may seem that it is not. Obviously, a good brushing is in order.

The other thing that I am noticing this morning is the familiar “fruity” taste in my mouth that is associated with ketosis and it is comfort in knowing that I probably went through the worst part of my fast yesterday, but at 5:30am, there’s still a full day of work ahead of me at this time.

Fast Forward A Few Hours…

Yesterday, I was predicting that I would be feeling better today and have more energy, based on my previous experiences and I will say that my prediction was correct.

I have been feeling really good since this I woke up. My energy levels and mood are up and I have no headaches or hunger pangs. Everything is smooth sailing.

It’s quite a warm day, around 29°C (84.2°F) and after yesterday were I ran out of water on the job, I made sure I stocked up with some extra water to get me through the day, which was a good decision on my behalf.

Juice Of The Day

Today’s juice was a variance on yesterday’s “Douche”. Most of it was the same, except I removed the apple and pear and replaced it with watermelon and strawberries. So overall there was watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, orange, cucumber, celery, silverbeet with lemon and lime. Also, no carrot in this one either.

Juice Ingredients


I think it was another success story, in my unbiased juicing eyes! (Anything that doesn’t have to be tipped down the sink is a success in my unbiased, juicing eyes..)

I will call this juice “The Douche’s Ugly Brother”

Now What Was That You Said About Hitler??

OK, so don’t judge me just yet. I’m sure there is a good explanation as to why Hitler came to me in a dream and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it, but let me tell the story first…

It starts with me being escorted to some sort of underground bunker with a couple of my friends. My friends happened to be a couple of surfy looking teenage boys with skateboards (and I’m a 37-year-old man, so that seems legit, right?) and Adolf Hitler and a few of his officers were down there.

He asked us in no uncertain terms to help the Nazi’s infiltrate Australia somehow. The details were a bit sketchy, seeing as this was a dream, so I don’t remember exactly what his instructions were, but we told him we would carry out his orders only because if we didn’t, we knew that we would be killed on the spot.Dog Frisby

So they let us go to do whatever the tasks that Hitler had set for us to do (even though we were just going to alert our government) and my friends and I split up. Along the way, I found my friend’s frisby on the ground and I knew that it meant that he wanted to meet up at our secret spot.

I go to our secret spot, which is the back room of this shop in the city, walk in the door and there are about 5 Nazi officers waiting there for me! They had set me up to see if I was loyal to them. Somehow they knew about the secret place and the frisby!

Needless to say, they were not happy with my treachery, so they apprehended me and began to take me back to Hitler. This is were I decided to make a run for it!

I’m bolting through the streets and it’s absolute mayhem! There are groups of KKK members in their white pyjamas with the pointy hat things and also groups of what seems to be black supremacy gangs walking through the streets, buildings on fire, people running, screaming….

I try to find a train to get home… (oh, I forgot to mention that I am in Melbourne, AU) but there are no trains (of course der…the city is under attack!) so I keep running around looking for a way to get back home.

Eddy McGuire
Eddy McGuire

Next thing I know, I am floating down the Murray River (which for those who don’t know, is at least 4 hr drive from Melbourne) and I am with Eddie McGuire, (TV/Radio personality and Collingwood Football Club President)

How the heck I got up to the Murray so quick I may never know, but here I am calmly floating around here with Eddie McGuire whilst Australia is getting invaded by the Nazis.

The dream doesn’t go too much further from here though. We float up to a bunch of campers that are on the river bank and begin to tell them what is happening in Melbourne, then…. my alarm goes off and wakes me up!


Now I’m left not knowing if we were able to fight them off or not!

What Does All This Mean??

There are so many questions from this dream that need answering!!

Why did Hitler come to me and try to get me to go against my own country? How did the Nazi’s know about the Frisby and the secret place? Had my friend betrayed me?? And most importantly, how did I end up in the Murray River with the president of the AFL club that I happen to barrack for?

There is way too much to try and unpack in this blog, but if there’s anyone out there who’d care to try and decipher my dream, then please do in the comments below.


On To Tomorrow…

Provided there are no more Nazi invasions tonight, tomorrow is set to be another pretty warm day at work, around 32°C (89.6°F) so bringing plenty to drink in the truck is a given and the air con will be getting a flogging all day, for sure!

As I said above, I believe that I am through the worst of this fast and provided I keep my fluids up, I should continue to feel good and enjoy the benefits for the duration of it.

Fluids Consumed Day 3

1 litre of homemade juice (diluted)

2.6 litre – water

TOTAL: 3.6 Litres

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