7 Day Juice Fast – Day 5 – The Hike

Considering on a Friday night, I generally like to enjoy a few drinks to wind the week down, waking up on a Saturday morning feeling fresh without a hangover is quite nice. Maybe it could become a habit, who knows?

So my partner and I sit down and work out what we should do on this fine day. A few ideas get thrown out there but we decide to take the kids to a nearby nature reserve that has a bit of mountain and some nice bushland for a bit of a hike.


We have not been to this place before and apparently it is a place where there can be some gem stones and things like that down there, however, my partner asked me if I would be OK going for a walk like this when I am fasting. I’m like “Sure! I’ve been feeling good the last couple of days, so I am sure I will be fine.”

The Mountain Hike

We arrive at the destination and my son and partner are hunting around in the dirt to find some treasures, however, since my daughter (6) and I are not too keen on digging through the dirt, we decide to walk up the hill ahead to explore the area.

Now the hill is quite steep and in the back of my mind I am wondering how long my energy levels will hold out considering that I haven’t eaten in nearly 5 days. I had drank about 500 mls of homemade juice that morning, so I was thinking that this would be sufficient for this walk. (meanwhile I left the bag with the drinks, in the car..)

For the most part, I felt fine. We weren’t exactly pounding up the hill like it was the Olympics or anything. In fact, I was surprised that my daughter was even coping as she was. She is usually one to walk about 200 metres and then complain that her legs are tired and then we need to carry her. So I am grateful for that.Scarlet Rocks



We reach the top of the hill and it’s quite scenic and nice. The view is great and there is a bunch of massive boulders in weird arrangements, as if giants had been playing with them. It was a pretty cool place that we had “discovered.” (because I’m sure nobody had been there before us…)

I think we were up there for an hour or so walking around and climbing on rocks and for the most part I was feeling quite good, but there came a point where I could feel my energy levels dropping and I started to feel a bit flat, like I needed to chill for a bit.

Luckily, it was getting to the point that we were heading back, so I rode out this flatness back to the car, where I got to sit down and relax. It wasn’t as though I was really struggling, but I could notice that I was running out of steam. If it had of been a more challenging walk than it was, then I would likely of struggled a fair bit, I reckon.

I’ve always recommended trying to avoid too much physical activity whilst fasting and I stand by that call. In fact, when we got home, I was feeling quite tired and had a little nap on the couch for a little bit.

Hiking Juice

Considering that I knew that we were going hiking, I decided to make a juice that was all fruit in the hope that the sugars may give me a bit more of a boost for the walk. Maybe it did in the short term, but it probably wasn’t enough to be sustainable.

Juice Ingredients

The juice that I made contained pineapple, oranges, watermelon and apple and will be known as “Mr F” The F can stand for whatever you want, but in this case, it’s fruit!

Painful Pork…

OK, don’t get the wrong idea here… the pain I am referring to is the smell of a lovely roast pork wafting through the house and me purposely choosing not to eat this week….bahhh….I think my partner is doing it to torture me!

But it seems to of worked because it prompted me to go outside to mow the lawns and water the garden, so touché…

Only a couple of days left of this fast where I can start introducing some food back into the old gut, even though my gut doesn’t seem too fazed about it right now. I think it could take it or leave it, but I’m sure it’ll love it when we get going again.

Fluids Consumed Day 5

1.5 litres of homemade juice (diluted)

700mls – 2 cups of green tea with lemon juice

1.4 litre – water

TOTAL: 3.6 Litres


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