7 Day Juice Fast – Day 6 –The Clean Out

Not sure if there is some sort of connection between cleaning out my metabolic system and cleaning out my garage but it is looking that way today, as it shaped out to be as good a day as any to start a job that I have been putting of for some time, or more specifically, most of 2019! The cleaning out of the garage…eek..

No matter how you live, if there ever comes a time when you need to clean out your garage, it’s usually pretty bad.

We have only been at this property for 11 months and moved from a place that was larger than our current place, so it’s no surprise that we would need to store things in there, but over the past 6 months in particular, it has become a bit of a dumping ground for whatever can’t fit in the house.

It’s a big job to sort that shit out, not matter how you look at it, and I’m not sure if I was drunk with soberness, but my brain told me it was time.

The Bomb Site

The garage literally looked as if a bomb had been dropped into the shed and I am starting to think that this may have been the reason that Adolf Hitler came to me in my dream on Thursday night. In the dream, he wanted me to help him attack my own country, but looking at it now, I believe it may have been a metaphor me to attack my own garage. It’s all beginning to make sense now!tea

After yesterday’s hike I was slightly concerned how my energy levels would hold up again for doing such a task and I hadn’t been bothered to make any juice that morning, so I had only been drinking water for the day and a cup of tea, (which is really just hot flavored water anyway) but I was at home so if I needed a break, the couch wasn’t far away.

Fasting Dreams

It’s worth mentioning that I had another dream this morning too, which is strange because it’s pretty rare for me to remember my dreams and this is the second time this week.

Maybe it’s a sign of gaining a bit more mental clarity from this fast. I have certainly been feeling quite fresh and clear-headed this week and this feeling is one of the reasons that I enjoy extended fasting. It seems to centre me and reset me to a good place both mentally and physically.

In terms of the dream that I had, well it was a bit weird…

It started off I was about ready to come onstage for a big gig, where I am playing bass guitar. (This is relevant because I have recently joined a band called The Shadowbots playing bass) and we came on and there was no sound! This issue went on for a bit until everyone decided to leave. It happened to be a festival with 1000’s of people, so it was pretty disappointing to see everyone walking out at our big moment.


Next thing I know, I am in some hotel lobby talking to someone about a job for a well-known supermarket (rhymes with coals) in the warehouse. I accept the job but when I go to the warehouse, nobody knows that I am supposed to be working so they try to find the guy who hired me, but can’t!

I go back to the lobby to see if I can find him, of course he is not there, but some girl from Donut King has a chat with me and takes me to some sort of booth that is meant to be the office of the supermarket.

I try to tell them about what is going on and how I am supposed to be working for them today, but they think that I am a disgruntled customer or something and keep asking me these patronizing questions, which is frustrating! (I should just tell them I know Hitler..)Sleep

It is at this time that I awake from my slumber just as Sleeping Beauty did in that movie… (umm can’t remember what it was called… Moana, I think?) anyway, it was a frustrating way to start the day to say the least.

Personally, I think this dream to do with work may have something to do with “The Incident” that I had on Friday and it was maybe a subconscious worry that I would lose my job or something. Who knows?

Back To Reality

So getting back to the real world and the monstrous job that is our garage, well, in terms of how if felt compared to yesterday with my energy levels, I would say that I felt much better and was able to work pretty hard moving and lifting for a with no issues.

I didn’t actually get around to making myself some juice until around dinner time. I probably could have just gone through the day on just water but I only have one more day after this of juice fasting so I wanted to use the rest of my fruit and veg that I had left.

Mainly because I will be moving to a Keto diet after this fast and the fruits that I have left probably wouldn’t be eaten due to the sugar content in them.

The juice that I made for today was pineapple, pear, apple, orange, celery, carrot with some lemon and lime and will be known as “Mavis.”

Juice Ingredients

One More Day To Go!

Only one more day to get through until I can eat again and I am looking forward to it. I have been smelling the foods here at home for the last few days and have been thinking about the day when I can eat it again!

Tomorrow is the last day and I will break my fast in the afternoon. In my first post about this fast, I said that I would break it on the morning of the 8th day, but I have decided that I will begin to eat on the afternoon of the 7th day, as that would be a full 7 days from my last meal.

I could go another night, not eating but I am feeling that I have achieved my goal and I am looking forward to getting into some healthy eating again, so I am happy to do so.

Fluids Consumed Day 6

1 litre of homemade juice (diluted)

300mls – 1 cup of green tea with lime juice

1.2 litres – water

TOTAL: 2.5 Litres


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