7 Day Juice Fast – Day 7 – Breaking The Fast

It seems to have come along pretty quickly but the final day of my 7 day juice fast has arrived and I’m looking forward to tasting food again and this is on my mind for most of the day at work.

I am very happy that I have gone through this week without eating and am certainly ready to start fresh and continue to focus on eating well and losing weight in the long term.

The last day of a fast can sometimes be full of anticipation and at times I’ve wanted to finish it early and begin to break my fast, but my stubborn strong will usually kicks in and stops me before I reach my goal. I said 7 days, so that means 7 days, not 6 days and 18hrs!

What To Eat

As excited as one can be to eat after 7 days of not eating, it’s important not to eat the wrong things or overeat. It can be dangerous and counter-productive to the whole cause, so it’s a good idea to work out what you are going to eat to break your fast.

I have a detailed post about breaking a fast here, but as a general rule of thumb, after an extended fast, I tend to avoid meat for a day or 2 and begin to introduce fruit, vegetables and nuts slowly into the gut and then move to meat and dairy later.

I’ll just start with a piece of fruit, then an hour later, maybe some nuts or a basic salad and over time introduce other foods. I find it to be a strange feeling when you start to eat again. The flavors of foods just seem to jump out at you more and you seem to savor it more. It’s like you are tasting something for the first time again and everything tastes so good.

What’s On The Menu?

This is probably the first time I have eaten this to break a fast but today I have decided to break the fast with some homemade vegetable soup. I had asked my partner to just buy some tinned vegetable soup, however, because she loves me she has decided to put some a nice veggie soup in the slow cooker ready for me when I get home from work.Soup

I’m served up a large bowl and am eager to eat, but unfortunately some of the vegetables, in particular the celery and parsnip are still at bit under cooked and crunchy, so I’m thinking it needs a bit longer to cook, which I polite convey to her.

She pretends her heart isn’t a bit broken and puts on a brave face and pours it back into the slow cooker. I’ll try again in an hour or so, but I really want something to eat in the meantime, so I decide to cook 3 boiled eggs.

I do love a good boiled egg and eggs are actually a pretty good food to break a fast with as they are very low in carbs and have plenty of vitamins and minerals. As well as that, they are a good source of protein which can help curb your appetite. I just happen to cook them perfectly today, so that they are nice and runny in the middle and they do the job in keeping me content until the soup is ready.

Take 2

An hour and a half later I make myself another bowl of soup but this time it is much better and the veggies have softened up. It’s quite nice and I take my time eating it.

It’s a good reason to chew a lot more when re-introducing foods again, because it adds more saliva which has enzymes in it that help to break down your food and after a week without food, you need to build your gut bacteria up again, so chewing more will help this process along.

The soup goes down well and I am now quite full, now time to let it settle to make sure my gut copes well with it, which is another important part of the re-introduction phase. You never just keep ploughing down food like Kobayashi in hot dog eating comp, as you could put yourself at risk of re-feeding syndrome, which can be fatal.

The Iron Gut


During my years of fasting, I can say that there has only been one occurrence where my gut has not really agreed with me whilst breaking a fast and that was actually my last fast, mid last year.

My first meal was a salad and it was a fairly large bowl, larger than I would usually eat, but it took me about an hour or so to eat slowly, but it was the pork crackle that seemed to upset my gut a little bit, not proper pork crackle, but the stuff you buy in the packet.

Not sure why I thought that it was a good idea to eat this when I was still re-introducing foods. I clearly though that I must have an invincible gut or something, but not this time. My gut churned and grumbled and made itself known to me that it was not impressed with my choice. I wasn’t sick or anything, but it was a bit of a warning to me to make better choices with the foods I break my fast with, so I learnt from that.

Tonight, however, my food choices have been good and my gut is feeling great, so I don’t think I have anything to worry about. Tomorrow, I think I will start to eat some dairy and possibly even some lean meat in the evening for dinner, see how things go.

I will be giving a full wrap up of my 7 day juice fast in the coming days and some of the things that I have learnt, so keep an eye out for that once I get a chance to analyze it a bit better.

Fluids Consumed Day 7

1 litre of homemade juice (diluted)

1.8 litres – water

TOTAL: 2.8 Litres


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