A 7 Day Juice Fast Adventure – What’s The Plan?

2020 is off and running and although I’ve never really one to make New Year’s resolutions, I will be using the start of this new year to get back on track of the weight loss goals that have slowly started to fade over the last couple of months.

I won’t go too much into that because I discussed it in my previous post, but basically, my plan is to embark on a 7-day juice fast (or cleanse, as it is commonly called) then once I break my fast, I will be returning to a strict Keto diet, and will likely go back to counting calories again, to make sure that I am not over-eating and thus start to see some nice results on the scales.

Simple Enough, Hey?

Luckily, I have had a fair bit of experience with fasting and juice-fasting in particular, so am quietly confident that this will not be too much of a challenge for me. I have usually aimed for around a 7-10 day fast and have generally succeeded, most of the time.

When I say “most of the time” what I mean is, there has been a few occasions where I haven’t planned the timing of my fast well and it has clashed with events where it is not in my best interest to continue fasting, so I have cut it short. It hasn’t been due to health reasons.

In fact, I am usually disappointed when I begin something like this and don’t follow through with it, but I usually re-plan it for a later period that suits what is going on at the time.

Working And Juice Fasting

The good thing about a juice cleanse, is that due to the fact that you are consuming fruit and Blacksmith

vegetable juices, your energy levels will generally be pretty good and you can get about your day working without too much issue.

However, this will depend on a couple of different variables. The first is how physically strenuous your job is… say, like a blacksmith or something??!

Obviously the harder your body is working, the more energy you will need, so you may need to consume more juice than others or maybe, juice only will not cut it in terms of your energy needs, so it’s something to be aware of.

Secondly, if you have never fasted like this before, the amount of toxins that your body will expel, from the process, may be greater than that of someone who fasts regularly, therefore you may find times in the day when you are not feeling too great and this can affect how you work.

I’ve always recommended to try fasting for the first time when you are not working to see how your body will react, then you can get a good gauge of whether you will be able to handle fasting, whilst at work.


For me, my job is not very physically exerting. I drive a hook truck that picks up large bins and takes them and dumps them. There is very little physical work to be done, so fasting whilst doing this job should be a breeze.

In fact, I have previously undertaken juice fasts whilst in similar truck driving roles and it is a pretty handy job to be in if you want to fast. You’ve always got your juice or water right next to you as your driving around and you are not pushed too hard physically.


That being said, if you find yourself in a position where you are not dealing too well with the fast, then obviously you should be ceasing your drive for your own safety and the safety of others. And that rule applies to other professions too, if you are fasting.

Don’t put yourself or others at risk!


What’s My Approach This Time?

For this 7-day fast, I will be drinking only water, homemade juice and green or herbal tea. I will break my fast slowly on the 8th day and build up my eating over the following few days, with the correct foods.

The juices I will be preparing will be made fresh for the following day and a combination of fruit and veg. I personally prefer juice that is not too sweet, so I tend to add vegetables in the mix. It also seems to make other vegetables that would usually be less tolerable, easier to consume.

I usually dilute the juice I make to around 60% juice and 40% water, and again, this is due to personal taste. The dilution of the juice and the ingredients can affect how long it takes for your body to reach ketosis, or if it does at all. This is due to the amount of sugars that you are consuming from certain fruits, so be aware of that, when making your juices.

Weighing In

With previous challenges similar to this, I have usually weighed myself every day, for recording purposes, however, I have found recently that weighing yourself every day, is not such a good thing for reasons that I have outlined in this blog.

I will weigh myself on the morning of the first day and then again, the morning of the 8th day, before I introduce food again to my sleeping digestive system.

Calendar Week

I am very much looking forward to 7 day break from food, given the last few weeks of over-eating and excessive drinking over the festive season. I know that I will come out of this feeling great and ready for the next phase of my weight loss expedition.


Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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