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Keto & Intermittent Fasting For 2 Weeks – Day 2 – Fast Day (1)

Today is the first of two fasting days that I will undertake this week. The second one I’ll aim for will be overnight Thurs-Fri. Last night I began fasting from 7:30pm and I will be eating again after 7:30pm tonight.

I woke up feeling great this morning for some reason. I think it was a combination of a good nights sleep, a warm(ish) sunny morning and a small weight loss of 0.4kg (0.88lb) from the day before.

I would have expected to lose a little bit from the fairly small amount of calories I consumed from the day before. I only consumed around 1200 cal, which is less than half of my calorie goal on MyFitnessPal.

Test tube tea…

Test Tube
(Pic is not the “actual” test tube tea!)

I woke up this morning feeling a little bit parched and with the strong “fruity” taste in my mouth that is commonly associated with Keto and fasting, so I decide a cup of tea is in order.

I find some sort of weird, herbal, hipster tea on the bench that my partner found at a local market and decide to give it a crack. It’s stored in an unusual, long test tube and looks a bit like someone’s dope stash, but OK…..

Whilst the kettle is boiling, I make the kids school lunches and am kinda feeling like munching some ham and cheese, but I refrain due to my fast and go back to making my test tube tea.

At this point I don’t really feel “hungry” but making the lunches is a test of will. This is where the self-control kicks in. I’ve only got another 12 hrs of fasting to go, which I’m sure will fly by, if I stay busy.

More tea…

I’m normally a coffee man and only usually drink tea when I’m fasting or if its offered to me. I like tea, but I don’t love it. I know that there are many health benefits from drinking tea, but coffee is more enjoyable to me.

But it’s easy to change someone’s mind if your tea is presented in something gimmicky, like…. say a test tube?… or something like that? The label suggests that this tea is for suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism and has some interesting ingredients in it like brindle berry (whatever tf that is??) cinnamon, hibiscus (isn’t that a flower??) peppermint, licorice and green tea (of all things..)

It tastes pretty good actually, even though I wouldn’t know brindle berry taste like, I can definitely taste something berry-like in it and has a nice peppermint aftertaste.


Anything Other Than Tea??

One of the reasons I drink more tea than water on a fast is because water gets pretty boring, pretty quickly, if that’s all you are having. It’s nice to have some sort of flavor in your beverage, if you are not juice fasting.

Something else I have come across recently, (and it’s probably not new) are water infusers. Similar to a tea bag, but with dried fruit and/or herbs. You drop one into your water to give a bit of flavor and you can actually make these yourself, if you like. There are some nice ones on the market, depending on your tastes.

Unfortunately, I do not have any this day, so tea it is!

Stay Hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated at all times, especially whilst fasting. Whatever type of fast I am undertaking, I’ll always keep some fluid with me at all times, whether it be juice, tea, or plain Jane water.

Check your wee-wee when you go to the loo as an indicator of hydration. The darker it is, the more water you need to drink. See the chart below…

Yes… I said wee-wee….

Urine Chart

Hitting A Wall

Most of the morning, my energy levels were up and my mood was quite good. It got to around midday though and I seemed to hit a bit of a wall.

My head became a bit fuzzy, my eyelids started to become heavy and concentration on the task at hand started to wane. I was trying to work on this very website on a different article, when I realized I needed to have a lay down to try to get my energy back, because fighting it was not helping me.

I’ve always recommended fasting if you can be in a position where you are able to rest when you need to. It helps to get past these low moments.

Is It Time For More Tea Yet??

Ahh… yes… more tea.Lemon

My little nap for almost an hour has perked me up. I didn’t really think that I would actually fall asleep due to things on my mind, but obviously my body was thankful for it, so I should reward it with a cup of tea!

This time, green tea with a small squeeze of lemon juice which adds about 1 calorie to my day.

The afternoon really seems to drag on. 24hrs can be a long time. I think it’s the anticipation of food tonight that is making it difficult.

As the afternoon rolls on and the time slows down, I start to look forward to eating my dinner tonight. I’m feeling hungry but my stupid strong will is not letting me give in and feed myself.


Finally, The Wait Is Over!!

7:30pm rolls around finally and it’s time for dinner. Seeing as that I haven’t eaten for 24 hrs, I figure I should eat something pretty light to ease into eating again, so I just eat a pre-made garden salad with added avocado, feta and olives washed down with a sugar-free Kombucha drink.

Doesn’t take me too long to eat it, but I’m pretty satisfied and glad the fast day is over.

Over the next few hours of the night, it is nice to snack on some meat and chocolate. Sugar-free, of course…


The Numbers – Day 2

Weight (start of day): 123.7 kg (272.7 lb)

Weight Loss To Date (1 Day): 0.4kg (0.88 lb)

Maximum calories allowed: 2560

Calories consumed: 920

Water consumed (inc tea/coffee): 2.25 Litres

Carbs consumed: 18g (15.8%)

Fat consumed: 32g (28.1%)

Protein consumed: 64g (56.1%)

Keto Goal: Fat 70%, Protein 25%, Net Carbs 5%

Day 2 Round Up

The 24 hr (7:30pm-7:30pm) zero calorie fast was a little more challenging than I thought. I did have a low-energy period in the middle of the day, but was fine after a small rest.

The anticipation for my dinner was a bit of struggle, but more mentally, than physically. I’m quite surprised at this considering my experience with extended fasts. I guess with an extended fast the finish line is much further ahead, so the mental preparation is different.

Tomorrow is a new day, where eating is on the menu again!

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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