Keto & Intermittent Fasting For 2 Weeks – Day 4 – Gym Day

You know those sticky things that attract insects and flies and then they get stuck and die?

That’s kinda what bathroom scales are like. You know you shouldn’t stand on them. But you do anyway.

And sometimes you die inside a little…

They are just a trap that messes with your self-esteem. Sometimes you think you’ve had a great day, eating well and exercising, only to see that you have put on 0.3kg and you feel defeated.

So you go to the toilet, get out what you can, whip your shorts off and jump back on the scales. Yep…0.1kg weight loss. Ripper!! Self esteem returns!!

F… You Scales!

This morning was a similar morning to what I just wrote about. Whilst I was only about 340 cals under my max calorie goal yesterday, my weight was about 0.5kg more than yesterday morning! What the…?

So I start trying to understand why? Did I forget to record something on MyFitnessPal? Did I drink too much water? Do I need to poo more??

These questions were going through my head this morning on the scales. Problem is, I kept getting inconsistent readings on the scales.

We have a set of those digital scales and the issue with them is, if the floor is slightly uneven, you can get a different reading when you move them half an inch to the left.

In the end, I decided to move it around 5 different times to find out which reading was most consistent. I settled on 123.1kg, so no weight loss from yesterday.

Hide The Scales

The scales need to be taken away and put somewhere out of sight. They can be your best friend or the friend you just want to punch!

The only reason that I am weighing myself every day, is for recording purposes. I have been recording all my food and exercise (none yet) to document my time with intermittent fasting on the Keto diet. I want to see the progress and if no progress, I want to analyze my data and try to work out why.

I don’t recommend having scales out on display. It too much of an emotional roller coaster. Weight loss is not only measure of success. Muscle mass, energy levels, mood and measurements can also be indicators that you are succeeding.

You should really only weigh yourself once a week or so and just focus on doing the right things.

Rant Over…

OK, now that is off my chest and can let you know about the rest of my day…

I was pretty busy in the morning and didn’t really have any breakfast. I’m not usually a “brekky” guy. I like to eat a bit later in the morning, but time got away from me today and I didn’t eat anything until midday. Lunch was just a chicken “parmy” from the night before.

If you are not sure what that is, basically it is a piece of crumbed chicken schnitzel with tomato, ham and cheese baked on top of it. I mentioned yesterday that crumbed foods are avoided on the Keto diet, so it added about 11 carbs to my carbs goal.

That’s pretty much all I ate until dinner time, where I ate a massive piece of steak with some cauli and roasted carrots. Cauli and carrots seem to be the go-to veggies for us with this diet. No more potatoes for us.

Time To Workout

I had planned to a gym trip last night but that didn’t end up happening, but tonight I was feeling pretty pumped for it, so I head down once the kids are in bed.

Not sure why I had so much energy, but I had a pretty intense cardio session for around 40 mins.

Water Ergometer
“Water Churny Bike Hands”

My usual cardio sesh involves:

11-12 mins on the bike – The one where you kinda sit back a bit

11-12 mins on the cross-trainer – The machine that’s like running and gliding at the same time

6 mins on the… umm… I’m gonna call it the “Water Churny Bike Hands.” It’s where you are pedaling with your arms and there is water in a little tank next you which is the resistance. You know the one?

Finish with 10-11 mins on the treadmill pretty solidly. I was very happy with my workout. I was pushing pretty hard and my energy was great. No need for carbs!

Data Nerd

Now, call me a nerd, but I love to look at data and analyze things. I should be a CEO or something, where I just look at charts and spreadsheets all day and tell people what to do, so I really enjoy checking out my Fitbit data after a workout.

Check out my heart rate recording for the day. You can see I have done bugger all during the day, until the time at night where I nearly have a heart attack!!

Fitbit Heart Rate


If you see in the 2nd photo there, is a bit a trough in my heart rate where I had a quick drink after the “Water Churny Bike Hands” and then finished off hard with the run.

Fitbit Workout





According to the data, I burned off 689 calories in 46mins, with 11 mins at my peak heart rate. Feeling pretty good about my little gym trip.


The Numbers – Day 4

Weight (start of day): 123.1 kg (271.4 lb)

Weight Loss To Date (3 Days): 1 kg (2.2 lb)

Maximum calories allowed: 2560

Calories consumed: 1906 (leaving 654) + 998 (from exercise) = 1,652 calories remaining

Water consumed (inc tea/coffee): 2.2 Litres

Fat consumed: 103g (35.3%)

Carbs consumed: 63g (20.6%)

Protein consumed: 135g (44.1%)

Keto Goal: Fat 70%, Protein 25%, Carbs 5%

Day 4 Round Up

Today was a really good day. With food alone, I would have been well under my calorie goal, but the exercise made for a calorie deficit of 1,652 cal for the day.

Tomorrow, I am having my second 24hr fast day. It actually started from dinner time tonight at 6pm, so I will resume eating again at 6pm tomorrow night.

I’m wondering if I will be craving something to eat in the morning after having a fairly intense exercise session tonight. Only time will tell.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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