Keto & Intermittent Fasting For 2 Weeks – Day 1 – The Marshmallow

Today is the first day of undertaking a 2-week intermittent fast 5/2 regime. 2 days of water fasting and 5 days of eating, sticking to the Keto diet.

If you have read my previous post in regard to this, you will have read that I have just come off an All-You-Can-Eat buffet where I over-indulged a little. Well, looking at the week’s social calendar, we have 3 birthday gatherings, a trivia night fundraiser and Father’s Day on Sunday. Certainly, a very busy week.

A standard 5/2 intermittent fasting generally consists of 5 days of “normal” eating and 2 days of restricting calories to 500-600 calories. I know I said that I would keep to the Keto diet on my normal days but with these social activities this week, this could be a bit of a struggle.

A normal Keto diet aims to restrict carb intake to around 20-30, but no more than 50 carbs. One piece of sponge cake, is around 20 carbs alone. A handful of crisp chips and a beer would take you over your carb limit, depending on the particular brand and product, of course. This could also bring you out of ketosis.


I Thought You Had Control, Stevie…

I plan to still stick to Keto as best I can, but I believe I will focus on keeping my calories below the 2560, that MyFitnessPal has allocated me. And I will still fast for 24hrs on my fast days, only drinking water and tea.

It still takes control to be able to do this, but I just need to not overdo it on the nights out with friends. A calorie deficit for this week should still see weight loss, in theory….

Communism works in theory too….

Today’s Food Consumption

So, today I was feeling bloated in the morning due to my overeating the night before. I really didn’t feel like eating, so I thought I would wait until I felt hungrier. I thought about cooking some bacon and eggs, but realized I’d only be doing it because I thought that’s what I should do at breakfast time, so I just had a coffee and took the kids to school.Coffee

I didn’t feel very hungry for most of the day and just snacked here and there. I had a couple of slices of salami and some sugar-free chocolate mid-morning and 2 boiled eggs and another coffee around lunchtime. All these foods are quite welcome on a Keto diet, by the way.

Coffee is fine to have on Keto as long as you don’t have too much milk or sugar. The average cup (250ml) of full cream milk is around 12-13 carbs and a teaspoon of raw sugar is about 5 carbs. I use a sugar-stevia mix in my coffee, which is half the carbs of normal sugar and often use almond milk which is very low carb, only 1.8 carbs per cup (250ml)

Almond milk is probably an acquired taste and may not be everyone’s cup of tea (pardon the pun), but normal milk is fine to have on Keto, if you are having a small amount like 30-40mls. Works out to be a little over 2 carbs.

Other drinks I consumed throughout the day were low-sugar Kombucha, a can of Diet Coke, a zero-carb beer and some additional water.

Hunger Creeping In

Late in the afternoon, I did begin to get a bit hungry but I knew that we had a gathering with family for a birthday in the evening, so I decided to hold off until then.

Fish and chips were to be ordered that night so I had to make a wise Keto-esque decision on what to eat. I went with a couple of pieces of grilled fish and knowing that I had consumed only 500 calories for the day so far, I was comfortable with having a handful of hot chips with my fish.


I very rarely eat hot chips anymore since being on Keto, as they are a high-carb food, but on occasion is OK if you only have a small amount. The handful of chips would have been about 20 carbs.

Grilled Fish

Then Came The Marshmallow…

So we had the fire pit doing its thing (burning wood) and the kids were having a good time roasting some marshmallows. Obviously, I had declined the offer of a huge marshmallow, due to sugar content, but once the kids had their fill, I was inadvertently handed a freshly roasted one that just looked like it was gonna be so gooey inside and I couldn’t resist taking a bite! Just one won’t hurt…..

Too bad it was just so deliciously gooey and sweet that it didn’t really stand a chance….

That was a whopping 22 carbs on its own!

Oh well, can’t win ’em all….

The Numbers Day 1

Starting Weight: 124.1 kgs

Maximum calories allowed: 2560

Calories consumed: 1359 (leaving 1201) – 167 (Fitbit calorie adjustment) = 1,368 calorie deficit

Water consumed (inc coffee): 1.8 Litres

Carbs consumed: 56g (26.8%)

Fat consumed: 68g (32.5%)

Protein consumed: 85g (40.7%)

Keto Goal: Fat 70%, Protein 25%, Net Carbs 5%


Day 1 Round Up

As to be expected, looking at the numbers you can see I was well below my calorie goal and nowhere near my Keto goal. I’m OK with that for today as the 5/2 diet allows for “normal” eating, so I am well on track with that.

Tomorrow I am having one of my fast days. I will be fasting for 24hrs from 730pm tonight and will break the fast at 7:30pm tomorrow night.

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

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2 Replies to “Keto & Intermittent Fasting For 2 Weeks – Day 1 – The Marshmallow”

  1. Hi Steve
    good luck with the 5/2 I’m thinking of thing keto but it looks pretty complicated me and I have trouble counting carbs/fats etc do you have an easy method you use for counting carbs fats etc and what I may be looking for on the labels or packets to give me the info? Also some things don’t have labels eg meat from the butcher Fruits fresh eggs etc, do you know we’re I could find more info on these?
    Thanks Darren

    1. Hi Darren, when it comes to the Keto diet, the main thing you look for is the carb count on labels. As low as possible. It doesn’t matter about the fat content on Keto, because the diet is meant to be around 75% fat. Just avoid processed trans-fats.

      With your meats, you can eat any meat as long as it’s not crumbed or battered or covered in a sauce high in sugar and you can eat plenty of eggs.

      I will be doing a more depth article about Keto foods in the next week, so keep an eye out for that one.



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