Keto & Intermittent Fasting For 2 Weeks – Day 5 – Fast Day (2)

Sooo… me and Sticky Bug Killer, aka “The Scales” (refer to Day 4 for explanation) are friends again. With the calorie deficit and gym workout I had yesterday, it would be hard for “Sticky” not to be kind to me today.

I weighed in this morning at 122.1kg (269.2). 1kg (2.2lb) less than yesterday, so the self esteem roller coaster is on the up trail today.

Mind you, despite not having an amazing sleep, I woke up in a great mood and feeling quite energetic. Could be from Sticky’s good morning news or maybe it’s just my body thanking me for a good workout last night. Either way. I’m not complaining.

Communication Between Body And Mind

Whilst everything seemed swell in the morning with my body and mind feeling great and full of beans, I was wondering how long that would last, with today being my fast day.

My first fast day earlier in the week saw me having similar feelings of energy early in the day and then losing steam around lunchtime and regaining some energy later. Was this going to happen again?

Well, at first I really felt that it wouldn’t. Most of the morning I was feeling great, but around midday I started to get similar fatigue and tiredness that I had felt a few days before. At the time this happened, it was at my son’s school basketball tournament and I was in charge of recording the score and I actually missed one of opposition the teams goals. Oopsy…

Luckily the young lads filled me in at the end of the game and we rectified it! Turns out I missed 2 of their goals and it changed the outcome of the match!

One job Stevie…. one job….

What Is Going On Here?

Unlike my last fast day, when I was at home and able to take a nap, I wasn’t really able to do that in this situation, so I had to ride it out for another couple of hours. Seems like my “midday wall” had hit again.

Coincidentally, after the game (that I failed to score two goals for the opposition team), I wasn’t required to score again for the rest of the tournament.

The tournament ended, we picked my daughter up from school land headed home where I finally got to lay my head for a little bit to get my joo-joo back.


No Hunger Today

Considering my night before workout and not eating all day, surprisingly I did not feel any hunger. I only consumed around a litre of water during the day and even late in the day, I wasn’t anticipating my dinner, as I was on Day 2.

When it was time to eat though, I was totally into it!

Usually, when I have been fasting, I will ease back into eating with some fruits and vegetables. Nothing too greasy or fizzy to upset my empty stomach. This afternoon though, I spotted some of my Kryptonite in the fridge.

By Kryptonite, I mean, a food that is hard to say “No” to. A weakness. Just like Superman has.

I’m Not Superman…

I will say that I have more than one “Kryptonite”, when it comes to foods, but the particular one in question on this day, is salami. I love salami. I wasn’t planning on breaking my fast with salami, but here we are… fridge door open… eye to eye… smell of Kryptonite hitting my nose brain…

I’ll just have 2 slices and then move on. Cool. DONE.Superman

Move on to next task, which is preparing dinner.

The taste of Kryptonite hits my proper brain…

Brain: “Ahhhhhhhhh, K. Just a couple more bits of that sweet stuff and then move on to next task, please”

Me: “OK” (Eats a couple more slices)

Brain: “Yeahhh, Nah. Eat the rest”

So I eat all of the salami, I’m guessing around 50-60 grams worth to break my fast and I’m a bit thirsty so I grab a Lemonade Kombucha drink out of the fridge and drink that.

Rules Were Meant To Be Broken

Turns out salami and Kombucha are greasy and fizzy, which is what is not recommended for breaking fasts. My guts didn’t seem to appreciate it. It churned and gurgled for a bit, but got over it in the end when I put more food in it.

I cooked a couple of nice pieces of Atlantic salmon (from Atlanta) for dinner with some cauli and turnip.

Yeah, turnip.

Turnips are around half the carb amount of potatoes, so we have been trying it out to keep in tune with Keto but the jury is still out on it.

It’s great in stews or mashed, but not so much roasted or just boiled on its own. It has a bitter aftertaste, that doesn’t help its case.

Friday Night Drinks

In my head, I was not really planning on drinking tonight, due to the possible adverse effects of alcohol being exaggerated due to fasting, but in my other head, turns out I was.

There is a bit of a consensus that being on a low-carb diet can affect your alcohol tolerance levels and this is possibly true, but at this point, I have not noticed a difference. Let’s just move on and look at the stats for the day…

The Numbers – Day 5

Weight (start of day): 122.1 kg (271.4 lb)

Weight Loss To Date (4 Days): 2 kg (4.4 lb)

Maximum calories allowed: 2560

Calories consumed: 2253 (leaving 307) – 93 (Fitbit calorie adjustment) = 400 calorie deficit

Water consumed (inc tea/coffee): 2.6 Litres

Fat consumed: 98g (48%)

Carbs consumed: 22g (10.8%)

Protein consumed: 84g (41.2%)

Keto Goal: Fat 70%, Protein 25%, Carbs 5%

Day 5 Round Up

It was nice to see some good news from “Sticky” but the weekend is here and the Fri/Sat alcohol consumption can give some false confidence.

I mentioned on Day 1 that there was a few social activities that would affect the diet and fasting this week, but a couple of those nights have been taken out of the calendar due to unforeseen circumstances, so managing diet and fasting has been easier than expected.

Tomorrow night (Sat) though, we have a night out for a fundraiser trivia night, so there will be some loosening of the reigns to have a good chilled out night without too many restrictions,

I must admit, I will avoid high carb foods, but I won’t be keeping track of what happens. RIP weight loss.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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