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Keto & Intermittent Fasting For 2 Weeks – Day 8 – Fast Day (3)

Dreading this morning’s weigh-in after the weekend I cautiously put my right foot on “Sticky”…

Yes!! 55kgs!! I’m skinny again!!

My left foot looks up and sighs at me…..

Ahh…. “OK, you go on too” I say to it, reluctantly, expecting to have my self esteem blown to shreds.

Moment Of Truth

Thankfully, the results weren’t as bad as I was expecting. 123.2kgs (271.6lb) which puts me down 0.9kgs (1.98lb) from the same time last week. That’s almost 1kg loss in a week. It’s certainly not as good as it could of been, but I’m still happy enough with it.

1kg per week, is generally considered a fairly healthy weight loss in that amount of time. If you have been following my posts, you would have seen that I was probably on track to lose around 3kg (6.6lb) or so for the week, so it’s interesting to see how quickly the weight can come back in such a short amount of time.


Teabag Time

Mind out of the gutter, please… today I have decided to have a fast day to keep in line with my 5/2 intermittent fasting (IF) goals. I chose today, simply because I felt like I needed to balance out the weekend.

On my fast days, I aim for 0 calories for 24hrs and just drink water and tea. Herbal or green tea usually. I’m not sure how I will go today, I think I am still feeling the effects of Saturday night, (getting old.. hangovers last longer…) but I am determined to make up for my badness.

Morning Struggles

Apart from a case of Monday-itis and a bit of a headache, I don’t feel so bad for the most part. My energy is OK and I get through the day without any major issues and the day seems to go pretty quick, but I still look forward to eating dinner.

Leftover roast pork from last night goes down a treat and ends my 24hrs of abstinence. I feel good for doing it and feel like I am back in control again.

In my head, I thought I might go to the gym tonight, but the energy is not there for that tonight and I think a good night’s sleep might be a better option.

The Numbers – Day 8

Weight (start of day): 123.2 kg (268 lb)

Weight Loss To Date (7 Days): 0.9 kg (1.9 lb)

Maximum calories allowed: 2560

Calories consumed: 820

Water consumed (inc tea/coffee): Approx 1.6 Litres

Fat consumed: 37g (32.7%)

Carbs consumed: 23g (20.4%)

Protein consumed: 53g (46.9%)

Keto Goal: Fat 70%, Protein 25%, Carbs 5%

Day 8 Round Up

There’s not really too much more to say about today. It was obviously a low-calorie day due to fasting from Sunday night 6pm til tonight 6pm. Hopefully that is enough to make up for playing up on the weekend.

A good gym session tomorrow would be in order for tomorrow, me reckons…

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