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Keto & Intermittent Fasting For 2 Weeks – Day 9 – Green Bean Life

I’m not going to talk about the scales “aka Sticky” today. I was taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all…

There was no change from yesterday despite a fairly decent calorie deficit yesterday. I’m not really going to worry too much about though. After the weekend’s carb intake, I feel like there could be a balance of water retention going on over the last couple of days. It’s as good a theory as any.

Sick Kids…

I didn’t eat anything until about 11:30am. After my morning coffee this morning, I didn’t eat anything until around 11:30am. I didn’t really plan it like that, but just before the kids were due to go to school, low and behold, they both come down with a mysterious, debilitating illness.

I thought it was quite convenient for this to happen, so I arranged for an appointment for them to get a check up and told them that if the doctor says it’s fine for them to go to school, then they will be going.

Turns out the doctor said that there was no reason for them to be excluded from school, depending on how they are feeling, and it was up to me to decide whether they were sick enough to go. I made the choice to take them.

Long story short(ish), it wasn’t until 11:30 that I realized that I hadn’t eaten. Hmmm…. what to do?

Sneaky Snack

I was driving home and was actually feeling quite thirsty,Cheeseburger

so I decided to stop into the nearest service station “servo” to grab a drink of water and maybe something to eat. This particular servo has a couple of well-known fast food franchises there and quite often in the past, it’s not unusual to grab myself a sneaky cheeseburger for the road.

Normally, in this situation, it’s also not unusual for me to grab some sneaky fries with the sneaky cheeseburger but I figure that it’s OK for my health, because the sneaky diet (insert name brand cola drink here) would cancel out the calories, right? Well, that’s how I understand it anyway…


Today Was Different

At this particular “servo,” there are 3 fast food outlets and I won’t name them because I’m not paid to promote them, but let’s just call them McDoodles, Red Booster and a leading health food chain that we’ll call Jolliver’s.

Today was different from every other day. Today, I gravitated past the McDoodles, to the Jolliver’s that was nestled next to Red Booster and bought myself some water and….

wait for it….

green beans!

I’ve known that this particular chain sells this item, but I’ve always wondered why? What kind of psychos buy fast food green beans??

Turns out, people who want to be healthy, buy green beans. This day one of those people happened to be me. Who would of thunk it?

Beany Goodness

If you are not familiar with the particular food chain that I have been eluding to or the particular product in question, the product is just steamed green beans with some sea salt on them. I have tried them once before. And I didn’t rate them too highly.

To be honest, I’m not even sure why I wanted to buy them today. For some reason, I just wanted them and I can’t really explain why. The strangest thing is that I went past the McDoodles to get them.

Something has clearly changed in the way I think about food. I seem to have retrained myself to automatically identify high-carb foods and not engage with them.

Kind of like how when you see that annoying friend at the shops and quickly pick up the nearest magazine and begin to read it “spy style” so that they don’t notice you and you don’t have to talk to them. Come to think of it, I never seem to see anyone I know at the shops….hmmmm….

That was a pretty shit analogy really, I’ll be honest, but the point is, I chose beans over burgers. And I actually enjoyed them.

Message From An Old Friend

Anyway, I’m pulling out of the servo and I hear my phone “ding” to let me know that I have an SMS. Being the responsible driver that I am, I get to my destination (still munching on beans) and check the message only to find an unusual message from a clearly desperate old friend, who must of spotted me at Jolliver’s.

It was a message from none other than Red Booster! What the hell??

I have only ever received one message from this mob and that was when I downloaded their app 2 years ago, and here they are texting me about the new Buttermilk Wings!! And they were giving me $5 in the app to buy them!


To be honest, this creeps the crap out of me when this sort of thing happens, so once I finished my Buttermilk Wings, I decided I might turn my phone off for the rest of the day…

Aha…. just kidding…. about turning the phone off….

No, no I didn’t really go and get the Buttermilk Wings, but I’ve still got a week to use my credit apparently…..

On To Dinner…

Dinner was a similar meal to last Friday night. Just a “parmy” with some carrot and cauli, however, this time I decided to crumb the chicken myself with almond meal which is a much lower carb option to stick with the Keto way.

I later follow the meal up with some sugar-free ice cream and sugar-free maple syrup, but not before getting the dog to drag me around the block for a nice big run.

It’s been a while since I hit the pavement to go out for a run and I wasn’t sure how I would cope. I wasn’t exactly planning on going too far on my first run and was just going to ease into it.

Setting The Bar High

Now, usually when I start exercising again, I have a little rule that I set myself and that is, whatever I do on any particular night, be it running or gym or whatever, the NEXT time I go out, I need to either match what I did or better it.

That means, if I run 2klms (1.24Mile) then the next run has to be the same distance or better. This is but a blessing and a curse but it helps me to better myself.

Tonight, I set the bar pretty high for my starting benchmark. I was feeling pretty good at what I saw was the halfway mark, so I decided to take a turn and add an extra block.

How Did I Go?

Using the MapMyRun app, I tracked my run and clocked up 3.1klm (1.93mile) in 25:42min.

This may not be that impressive to some of the runners who might be reading this, but for a 123kg man who hasn’t run any long distances for at least 10 months, I was pretty happy with myself.



The Fitbit data shows my heart rate in the final mins as I tried to push a bit harder nearer the end.




All in all, I’m quite happy with the run. But yes, this becomes the benchmark for my next run. I need to at least match the distance next time.


The Numbers – Day 9

Weight (start of day): 123.2 kg (271.6 lb)

Weight Loss To Date (8 Days): 0.9 kg (1.9 lb)

Maximum calories allowed: 2560

Calories consumed: 1920 (leaving 640) – 986 (Fitbit calorie adjustment) = 1626 calorie deficit

Water consumed (inc tea/coffee): Approx 2.6 Litres

Fat consumed: 115g (39.2%)

Carbs consumed: 63g (21.6%)

Protein consumed: 115g (39.2%)

Keto Goal: Fat 70%, Protein 25%, Carbs 5%

Day 9 Round Up

I haven’t lost any weight in 2 days, but I feel that I should see some results tomorrow or else I will be throwing the scales out the window. Then pouring petrol on them and setting them alight. Not that I hold a grudge or anything…

It has been a pretty good day other than that. I had plenty of energy and my mood was great.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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4 Replies to “Keto & Intermittent Fasting For 2 Weeks – Day 9 – Green Bean Life”

  1. Oh my, this is very good how you shunned those other fast food outlets to get that green beans. Honestly I really do envy you most because I am not a person that can do away with the temptation of grabbing foods like that but I get texts like that too. If I could, would’ve shown you. They offer free fries and pasta blablabla. Like you, I don’t take the offer. I think this is good and maybe I too should try out intermittent fasting with my Keto diet.

    1. Yes, I must say that I even surprised myself on this day!

      Eating that sort of fast food just becomes a habit out of convenience sometimes.

      I’m really glad that I have changed my ways and can do without.

      It’s not as hard as you think it is. Check out my Keto diet page to get a bit more of an idea of how it works.

      Good luck with it, John.


  2. I too should really start taking those lovely green beans. It’s not the first time I’m hearing of how good they are and helpful to the health it is. Your day 9 doest sound so bad. It’s funny how you can resist a free meal like that. I’d have probably jumped on. Lmao. Anyway, one thing I’ve learnt is that I really need to start working out and also tracking those work outs too. I’m going to download that app asap. Nice one!

    1. Thanks Henderson, 

      About the free meal, well, if I wasn’t already 15 mins down the road when I saw the message, I probably would of considered it!

      Tracking you calories and exercise really helps with sticking to your goals, so the apps do help with that.

      Good luck with it!


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