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Losing Weight On a Juice Fast – A Healthy Start To Weight Loss

Juice fasting or juice cleansing as it is also known can be a very rewarding experience if practiced safely and but losing weight on a juice fast should not really be your main reason to go through it, as it is not really sustainable in the long term.

There can be many other health benefits that are associated with juice fasting depending on the duration of your fast and the types, the quality and quantity of juices that you consume along the way.

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Juicing The Night Away

Juice fasting is basically cutting out all solid food from your diet and primarily drinking fruit and vegetable juice for a short or extended period of time. Black tea or coffee is also acceptable to drink whilst undertaking a juice fast, but it depends on your own goals. Some people also like to cut out any caffeine from their diets too.

One of the main objectives from juice fasting is to give your digestive system a rest whilst still taking in much of the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables to increase the health benefits associated with this type of fast.

Juice fasting is very effective in detoxing the body, boosting the immune system and losing weight among other things, however, losing weight can be only short term depending on the follow up of lifestyle choices after the fast is over.


Side Effects??

Juice fasting has been around for some time now, in its various forms and I have personally undertaken many juice fasts over the past 14 years usually ranging from 7-10 days duration and I can say that I have always felt great effects from the experience.

There is certainly an adjustment period of your body in the first few days as you enter into ketosis and you can feel a bit ordinary, but once this has passed, then you begin to feel great, both physically and mentally.

Unlike water fasting, where you are basically consuming zero calories, juice fasting can soften the side effects of an extended fast by allowing your body to still be consuming sugars and various nutrients from the juice which can really give you a boost in energy levels and still maintain your normal tasks at work or home.

However, if you are fasting for the first time, it is preferable that you are not putting yourself in a position that can be too strenuous or stressful, due to the fact that you do not know how your body is going to react to fasting.

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Juice Types To Be Consumed?

When undertaking a juice fast or cleanse it is always best to make your own juices and the reasons for this are simple.

You know exactly what you are putting into your juice. There is no added sugar, preservatives or any other additives that you know of and this is the healthiest, freshest juice that you can possibly produce. Preferably try to use organic fruits and vegetables too.

If this is not an option, then you just need to find a good local organic source of juice where you know that there is no added sugar and this should be fine. Health food stores may be your best option for this.

It’s important to avoid juices with added sugar or pulpy juices as this may kick your digestive system back into gear and begin to make you feel hungry again, and you may be inclined to break you fast.

Let The Detoxification Begin

Personally, when undertaking a fast and giving my body a rest from food, I also like to make sure that I am not taking in any added unnatural chemicals or preservatives that could be found in juices, on fruit and veg (pesticides, etc) and in tap water. If I did, it would defeat the purpose of cleansing and detoxing in the first place.Pesticide

I’m quite strict on this and when fasting, I try my best to use organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible and I have my own water filtration machine or I’ll drink bottled water so that I know that I am giving my body the best chance it can to eradicate any existing toxins in my body without adding any new ones into the equation.

In terms of the ingredients that you can use for your juices, there are not really any restrictions on this unless you have some allergies, of course, but some ingredients may have some upset your gut a bit, these include: Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, onions, garlic or peppers. Also, be aware of some fruits that don’t juice too well such as banana and avocado.

Be creative and make juices that you will like, but also add some different vegetables in so that you are getting a good variety of different nutrients into your system.

Hydration Is Important

There are no set rules for this but generally I would consume 1-2 litres of diluted juice (50% Water) for the day and would also consume around 1-2 litres of water throughout the day, too. The dilution is really to personal taste but its works out that I would generally be consuming 1 litre of actual juice if it were undiluted.

It’s very important to keep hydrated whilst undertaking any type of fast. Try to continually drink fluid throughout the day in small amounts rather than larger amounts at a time. Allowing yourself to become too dehydrated can damage your kidneys.

I will generally have a drink with me at all times and will be continuously sipping throughout the day. Avoid drinking milk or adding any refined sugar to your drinks though. This may upset your stomach and can slow down the effects of the fast.

Drink Water

How Much Weight Would I Lose?

For me, in the past, my usual weight loss from a 7-10 day juice fast has been 6-10 kgs (13-22lbs), when you start to eat again, expect to put a little bit back on, (possibly 1-2kgs) but if you follow a healthy eating plan and maintain and a good level of exercise once you have broken your fast, the weight should stay off and you’ll be feeling like a fresh new person!

Losing weight on a juice fast can be a very rewarding experience, if done correctly. Enjoy the break from food and the challenge of self-control. You will learn more about yourself, than you realize.

Please leave any questions or comments about your fasting experiences below or message me directly here.

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2 Replies to “Losing Weight On a Juice Fast – A Healthy Start To Weight Loss”

  1. Scary stuff:-) You talk about fasting for 7-10 days. Is there a way however to do some form of detox or fasting without the side-effects of dizzyness, weakness etc. I am not overweight but I have very low energy, specifically during the afternoon hours. Could fasting help me and if so how – without extreme measures?

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Basically, detoxing is about eliminating the toxins that are in your body. As you probably know, there are a lot of chemicals in our foods.

    Unfortunately, even if we buy organic foods, you can never really KNOW for sure whether it has pesticides on it, without testing it.

    Try an eliminate as many foods out of your diet that could possibly have these toxins or chemicals in them, as much as you can and this should help with a slow detox.

    If you are a healthy weight, there are still some benefits that you can gain from intermittent fasting for a day here and there.

    I will be going into more detail with intermittent fasting on this page in the near future, but I believe this would help you in the long term.

    Thanks for the comment


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