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In order to have a successful website, one needs to drive traffic to it and one of the main tools that I personally use in order to drive organic traffic to this site is a keyword application called Jaaxy. But what is the Jaaxy keyword tool? And why does it help?

In this article, I want to explain why the Jaaxy keyword tool is an extremely powerful tool that can be instrumental to your success, if indeed success is what you are looking for??

Is Organic Traffic Like Organic Food?Food Vegetables Organic

Well, in a way, no. It’s completely different, but thanks for the question, Timmy…

Organic traffic is internet traffic (people) that finds its way to your site just from someone searching for a topic in a search engine, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

It’s not paid for by ads or referred to by another website, it’s simply a person who is “googling” something, in order to find information.

First In Best Dressed

How often, after making a Google search, will you look past the first page of search results and look at the 2nd or 3rd page to try and find the information you need? For me, I do it occasionally, but not very often. If I don’t see what I want on the first page then I’ll try a more specific search term to try and find exactly what I need.

The first page of a Google search is where you need your site or article to be in a search result in order to get the most organic traffic and one of the ways to get on the first page is by using the specific keyword term that people are looking for, that not many sites have included in their articles.

So how do we do that??

This Is Where Jaaxy Comes In…

Using the Jaaxy search tool, you can find some of the low competition keyword phrases that many people are searching for and write a post or article containing that particular keyword phrase in order to get ranked on the first page of a Google search and gain the traffic you need to succeed with your site.

Search Term Example: Giant Rubber Sausages

As you can clearly see from my search for “giant rubber sausages,” this may not be the best niche to get into. The QSR score refers to the amount of competition using that keyword, which is very small (8), however, it is averaging less than 10 searches per month, which means that my site will get very little traffic from this keyword phrase.

Ideally, when starting a new site, you want to aim for a keyword phrase that averages more than 40 searches per month with a QSR score of less than 100.
Jaaxy Search Giant Rubber Sausages

Looking through this list, maybe “rubber dinosaur toys” or “giant rubber bands” may be a better topic to gain some traffic.

If I click on “rubber dinosaur toys” from the list, I can actually refine my search a bit more and try to find some new keyword phrases that are also low competition and are getting some traffic.
Jaaxy Search Rubber Dinosaur Toys

This is looking much better now. There are many options here that would be great to use as my keyword phrase for my article or website. The “dinosaur toy” market could be a great niche to get into!


How Are Dinosaur Toys Going To Help Anything?Dinosaur Toy

Unless you are looking at getting into the “dinosaur toy” scene, (which I just might, now that I have seen those results!), using the Jaaxy keyword tool will help you to find the “low hanging fruit” in the Google universe and help direct some of that traffic to you. From there you can try and direct it to where you want to on your own site, and possibly lock in a sale or promote something such as an event.

Social networks can be great to gain traffic, if you have a large following, but it can take a lot of wasted time and effort and often with poor results. If you use Jaaxy and set things up properly right from the start, Google will take care of most of the work for you. People will find YOU, not the other way around.

You Need A Website

There’s not a lot of point with talking more about the features of Jaaxy, unless you are prepared to get your own website. Your website will need to have many pages or posts that use your researched keywords so you can build your site up to gain hundreds or thousands of visits per month.

If you already have your own page at the moment and are finding that you are getting very little traffic, then do yourself a favour and sign up to Jaaxy. It is essential to know what people online are looking for right now so that you can angle some of your articles in their direction, and get them to your site, before others do.

If you don’t have a site right now, but are interested in trying to get a piece of this keyword pudding pie, there is one way that you can have your own website up and running within minutes for FREE and also be able to use the Jaaxy tool at the same time!  I kid you not!

I will get into that in a minute but for the people that have their own websites up and running right now, I wanted to outline the costs of the Jaaxy packages.

Jaaxy Prices

Starter:  This is free but it includes 30 searches only.

Pro: $49 p/month with unlimited searches.

Enterprise: $99 p/month with unlimited searches and enhanced features.

To see a list of some of the features per package, please click here.

I know that this may seem pricey, and I agree, but the success of getting traffic to your site, will well outweigh the cost of using Jaaxy, however, I understand that this cost could be well out of reach of someone just starting out, so I wanted to talk about a way that is cheaper and has much more to offer than Jaaxy.

Not only is it cheaper than Jaaxy, it actually includes Jaaxy as part of it’s platform and training.

If you have found your way to this page from the “Why Do I Blog?” page, then you may already know where I am going with this….

Wealthy Affiliate

I’m not going to go fully into detail of ALL the features on Wealthy Affliiate, because I talk a lot more about it here, but I will say that you get MUCH more value if you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, than Jaaxy alone.

With the Premium package with WA, you can have hosting for up to 50 sites AND have unlimited keyword searches for $30 p/month, if you sign up for a year. You will also get all the training you need to build a successful site, 24/7 support, website security and a very positive, productive community who are always willing to help you with anything.

Wealthy Affiliate banner

Didn’t You Say Somethin’ About Somethin’ For Free?

Yes, damn straight, I did!

The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can sign up as a Starter absolutely free, with no trial period and you already get the free Jaaxy Starter account attached to it. You can literally begin to build 2 new websites in a matter of minutes and try out the Jaaxy search tool, for zero dollars, if you like.

The choice is up to you. Sign up for Jaaxy, without the added benefits mentioned above or sign up for Wealthy Affiliate where you can still use Jaaxy and have added support and training.

I don’t know about you but it seems pretty clear where the best value is here in this circumstance.

If you are still interested, please click here for Jaaxy or click here for Wealthy Affiliate.

You can also check out my previous page here that gives a bit more detail about the features of WA and if you still arn’t convinced of the value of this platform and would like some more information, please leave a comment below or contact me directly here and I would be happy to answer any of your questions before you commit to anything.

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